BRIDGEPORT - With the nation facing its highest unemployment numbers since 1983, many in Connecticut are finding themselves with no work and little idea of what to do next.

American employers have cut more than 660,000 jobs, and people recently laid off have told News 12 Connecticut that making a plan can be difficult after companies drop the ax.

Rashida Reddick, of Bridgeport, says she lost her job in January. She is starting in a new position at Danbury Hospital on Monday, though, and says there is help out there for the unemployed. Reddick says she visited Bridgeport?s Connecticut Works frequently for assistance. The Community Resource Center, too, can direct people in the Bridgeport area to health care and food programs.

The Connecticut Department of Labor also says not to miss opportunities for aid.

?When you?re first unemployed, you should file a claim right away because your unemployment is effective from the time you contact the Labor Department,? says jurisdictions coordinator Diane Krevolin. ?When you?re not stressing out about your bills, you can focus on looking for that job.?