STAMFORD - Just as drivers are feeling the pinch at the pump, many restaurant owners are feeling the effect of increasing food prices on their bottom lines.

The owners of the Bedford Street Diner say they?ve seen a 5 to 10 percent increase in their food costs since the beginning of the year. Some restaurant owners say even the cost of eggs has risen in the last year. While a case of eggs cost $24 last year, it is now up to around $38.

The Bedford Street Diner owners say the food prices are especially difficult to deal with in light of the eatery?s diverse menu.

?We have to carry what?s on our menu. We can?t say we don?t have this, we don?t have that because it?s too expensive,? David Agostino, co-owner of the diner, says.

Another additional cost restaurant owners have to swallow is a gas surcharge fee charged by vendors.