STAMFORD - As gas prices continue to rise in southwestern Connecticut and across the country, many local drivers are being forced to prioritize their basic needs.

?Everybody is feeling the pain. It?s to the point where you have to prioritize ? groceries, your fuel bills, heating oil and now gas prices. It?s insane,? says one Stamford resident.

Prices for a regular gallon of gas are hovering just below the $4 mark. The most expensive gas News 12 Connecticut crews have seen was $3.90 a gallon at some Stamford stations. In Norwalk, some stations are selling regular gas for $3.80 a gallon.

Many drivers say gas prices seem to get a little lower as they travel north. The Cumberland Farms gas station off exit 32 on I-95 was selling regular gas for $3.67 a gallon. Some drivers say they will fill their tanks up only a quarter or halfway before heading up north to fill their tanks completely.

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