STAMFORD - Stamford police charged an assistant high school basketball coach with hindering prosecution after he allegedly tipped off a shooting suspect.

Police say Jose Amor warned a teen sought in connection with a shooting at a La Quinta Inn last month, which they say thwarted their investigation. 

According to police, the Westhill High School assistant basketball coach called the 17-year-old suspect and told him about a possible arrest. They say he told the suspect to get a lawyer and also told him how to act around police if questioned. 

Police say they executed a search warrant on June 2, but found nothing inside the suspect's home. They claim the suspect cleared any evidence as a result of having advance knowledge. 

Amor's attorney, Mark Sherman, says he client's actions weren't out of line.

"He didn't give any other advice other than you might want to call a lawyer," Sherman says. "Is that hindering prosecution? That remains to be seen by the courts."

Amor is scheduled to appear in Stamford Superior Court on July 19.

The teen has not been arrested.