BRIDGEPORT - This weekend may be the last chance to take in a show at a historic theater in southwestern Connecticut after management says a fundraising effort to keep the place open has failed.

The head of the producing organization at the Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport says the historic theater will close after a final performance on Sunday.

The Bijou Theatre has been presenting everything from film and Vaudeville to concerts for more than 100 years under different names and owners. 

The current group has been producing events, including Broadway-style shows since 2011. Despite the years of entertaining, Executive Producer Christine Brown says money has been a problem for a long time, and while she says she was touched that the actors held a rally and tried to raise money online it just wasn't enough.

"It is hard to feel like I am not disappointing a lot of people,” says Brown. “I would have love to have said last Friday that we received a grant or that we were going forward for many years to come."

When the theater drops it curtain on Sunday, more than two dozen workers will be out of a job.

Management says the building’s owner is working on a plan to make this a full-time movie theater, so there is hope that people will be able to keep coming here for entertainment in some form.