FAIRFIELD - Residents near Fairfield Beach Road are asking town officials Monday to come up with solutions to what they call an overcrowding of college students in the area.

This comes a day after 20-year-old Jack Cleverly, a Fairfield University sophomore, was struck by an alleged drunk driver and sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

Fairfield First Selectman Ken Flatto says he and other community members are revamping their safety committee and are committed to addressing off-campus overcrowding issues they believe led to the accident.

Police say Cleverly was walking with a group of college-aged friends on Fairfield Beach Road when a car hit him.

Residents say they believe there are more than 400 Fairfield University students living off-campus and can be seen gathering in the streets late at night and something has to be done.

Fairfield University's Dean of Students Thomas Pellegrino says school officials have worked to educate students about the issues raised by residents, a strategy he says has shown some results.

"[We've] certainly seen a decrease in crowds and noise level," says Pellegrino. "But I think we're all on same page and want to remain vigilant about making sure we preserve the quality of life for all residents."