RIDGEFIELD - About 15 homes in Northern Connecticut remained without power late Thursday evening in the aftermath of Wednesday's winter storm.

The Town of Ridgefield was one of the areas hit hardest by the icy storm. According to Connecticut Light and Power, approximately 1,900 customers were left without power throughout the day Thursday, while hundreds still didn't have lights and heat into Thursday night.

Residents say they first lost power around noon Wednesday as the storm took down tree braches and power lines.

The Stietzel family, who live on Aspen Ledges Road, says power was restored in their neighborhood briefly Wednesday night, but another branch knocked it out again Thursday morning.

The family of four was left without heat, but managed to plug a heater into their car. "I used my car with a converter and it blows the hot air into the room," says Kevin Stietzel.

The Ridgefield's Parks and Recreation facility is now being used as a temporary shelter.