SHELTON - The hot, steamy weather might be miserable for most, but winemakers love it. 

News 12 visited the Jones Family Farms Winery in Shelton, and farmers there say the grapes thrive in this type of heat. 

"The grapes like sunshine. All these leaves are like little solar panels,” says Jamie Jones, of Jones Family Farms. “They're absorbing all that energy from the sun, and they’re transforming it into sugars."

Jones says this miserably hot weather with almost no rain is actually great news for vineyards. But winemakers say they're not out of the woods weather-wise yet. A rainy early fall, like after Hurricane Irene five years ago, could wipe out much of the crop.

The Jones family also grows strawberries, blueberries, and pumpkins. That way, if one crop has a bad year, the others might still do well.