STAMFORD - An animal rights group offered residents in Stamford tips on how to protect themselves against coyotes.

Residents in Stamford packed into the Ferguson Library to attend a seminar held by the Humane Society of the United States. Residents say they are very concerned about recent reports of missing pets and coyote sightings. 

Several coyotes have been spotted near school bus stops, and some residents say the animals seem more aggressive this year.

Humane Society officials say it's important for people to know what attracts coyotes. They say it's important to not have garbage sitting around outside and to not feed the coyotes.

Wildlife experts say traps have been set down in the area, but Humane Society officials say traps are not always the answer. Annie Hornish, of the Humane Society, says dogs can get caught in the traps as well as birds of prey. She says the traps will catch anything that comes in contact.

Pet owners say they don't want to see the coyotes hurt, they just wish they could be moved somewhere else.