FAIRFIELD - Among the 2 million people expected to attend Pope Francis' public Mass in Philadelphia on Sunday are hundreds of Catholics from southwestern Connecticut.

Officials say mass transit is the best option to travel to Philadelphia for the event. There are five spots across Fairfield County where buses will leave from on Sunday.

Church officials tell News 12 they have already chartered seven buses and plan to take as many as 500 followers to Philadelphia. The bus trip costs $90 per person, and more than 350 people have signed up so far.

"I view this kind of as a once in a lifetime opportunity for me," says Dave Janney, who helped organize the bus trip. "It's going to be very difficult for any private person to drive into Philadelphia that day, so the bus [will] probably provide the best bet, particularly for people up here in our neck of the woods in Connecticut."

The pope is also leading public events in his visit to New York City this week, but tickets for those events have already sold out.