NORWALK - Nearly 800 volunteers helped to clean up trash from the state's waterways and Long Island Sound as part of International Coastal Cleanup Day.

The volunteers said they were shocked to find a 1950s Chevy pickup truck on the river basin in Norwalk that had been there for more than 60 years.

In addition to the truck, one volunteer said they found a soccer ball, a bicycle basket, glass bottles and plastic pieces.

"It kind of reminded me of an Easter egg hunt because I didn't know what I'd find next," said 13-year-old Jackson Dempsey. 

Mark Fowler, from Grace Farms, helped to organized the local cleanup. 

He said that water in New Canaan is drinkable, but by the time it flows into the Sound, it's polluted with E. coli. 

Fowler says there is hope if people can make changes, like using organic fertilizers and pesticides.

The volunteers collected about 3,500 pounds of trash on Saturday.