BRIDGEPORT - Police say a Bridgeport man has been arraigned on first- and second-degree assault and attempted murder charges today following a stabbing last night.

According to police, 38-year-old Clivens Langlois got into a fight with 39-year-old Carlos Baez during a party on the front porch of Baez's Willow Street home.

Police say Langlois left and returned with a knife, stabbing Baez in the stomach. They also say Baez's wife, Stephanie, tried to intervene and was stabbed in the arm.

After the stabbing, Langlois allegedly fled the scene, but was found by police officers shortly after in front of his house and was arrested without incident.

Police say Stephanie Baez is expected to be OK. Carlos Baez was rushed to Bridgeport Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.