BRIDGEPORT - Inner-city schools oppose free SAT plan
Inner-city schools oppose free plan to replace SBAC with free SAT, ACT


Inner-city school leaders say a state plan that would require 11th-graders to take college a college entrance exam like the SAT would put their students at a disadvantage.

Currently, students must pay for the standardized tests, and only six out of every 10 do so in Bridgeport -- one of the lowest rates in Connecticut. 

The new plan would have the state foot the bill for the SAT or the ACT, replacing the unpopular SBAC test.

But Bridgeport's interim superintendent Fran Rabinowitz says that urban districts will suffer if schools are to be judged based on studentsa test scores.

Families that can afford to pay for SAT prep classes potentially give their kids an advantage, Rabinwotiz says.

Supporters of the new plan say there are free and low-cost test prep courses available, but inner-city school leaders say they aren't comparable to private courses wealthy families can afford.