BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police on Monday showed off a stash of guns, bullets and drugs captured in a major bust over the weekend.

Officers say they seized 23 guns from a home Saturday night.

They say this is the first big bust for Mayor Joe Ganim's new violent crimes task force. Ganim has been meeting once a week with Bridgeport teens, and he says that what he’s hearing troubles him. "The availability and the access to weapons is just -- it boggles the mind," says Ganim.

Police say they recovered human growth hormone, along with 85 marijuana plants that have a street value of $800,000.

Officers say the suspect, Jack Kelhoffer, is a high-value target who has high-dollar customers.

Kelhoffer was arraigned and currently does not face weapon charges. ATF agents are tracing the guns to see if any are illegal.