NORWALK - A Norwalk runner says he's excited at the prospect of taking part in the Boston Marathon again this year.

James Whipple ran in the event last year while his wife and two daughters cheered him on. He says last year's bombing will not stop him from bringing his family back to Boston.

Whipple's wife, Shannon, will be joining him by running in the marathon for the first time. After finishing last year in three hours and 15 minutes, Whipple says 45 minutes longer would have put him right in the vicinity of the bombs near the finish line.

He says he and his family were at a restaurant just a few blocks away. After learning of the explosions, Whipple's main goal was to get out of Boston immediately, fearing for the safety of his wife and two daughters.

He says it wasn't until he was back in Norwalk that the devastating chain of events truly sunk in.

Whipple’s marathon run this year is training for a 100-mile endurance run in the summer. He hopes to beat last year's time by around 10 minutes.