NEW HAVEN - New Haven police say they've charged a 50-year-old man for causing a lockdown on the Yale University campus last fall.

Investigators say Jeffery Jones, of Westbrook, is facing several charges including filing a false police report and making threats.

Police say someone had called 911 from a payphone and claimed their roommate was planning to open fire at the university. The campus and several city streets were closed for six hours while police searched the area.

Officials eventually determined that the call was a hoax.

Police say they made the arrest after comparing Jones' voice with the voice recording from the 911 call. They also say the suspect in their surveillance footage has the same distinct walk as Jones.

Authorities say they believe Jones is responsible for a series of other crimes, including vandalism and a similar phone call made to a high school in New Haven. Investigators also say that Jones made reference to the Newtown shootings when he was arrested.