STAMFORD - Police say a criminal who made his career preying on the elderly was arraigned today in Stamford Superior Court.

Jimmy Megel was arraigned Wednesday on charges of larceny in the first degree.

According to police, Megel first approached his 88-year-old victim in the parking lot of a High Ridge Road shopping center back in February. They say Megel befriended the victim and scammed him out of nearly $140,000 for repairs that never were made to his car.

Authorities received a tip this week that Megel's mother had passed away and that her funeral was scheduled for Tuesday in New Haven. They say Megel was allowed to pay his respects to his mother before being taken to jail.

According to Stamford police, Megel has at least eight outstanding warrants throughout the state.

The judge set Megel's bond at $250,000. He is due back in court Aug. 6.