MILFORD - A Milford man is using his pickup truck and a social media campaign to help match his father with a kidney donor.

John Krusinski says his father has been waiting for a kidney for four years, but he wants to see him healthy for his sister's upcoming wedding.

To help speed the process up, he painted his truck and turned to both Facebook and Twitter on Tuesday.

Since then, Krusinski says he's received messages from people across the country and his posts have been shared more than 500 times on Facebook alone.

"I'm extremely thankful," Krusinski says. "I honestly thought it was going to be a nice picture share on Facebook, and some of my friends and family were going to post it. I didn't think it was going to be this big."

Krusinski's father, Richard Krusinski, says the efforts make him proud, and he's hopeful he'll find a match.

Krusinski says someone from Rhode Island reached out to him, and that person has an appointment next week to see if they're a match.