FAIRFIELD - A Fairfield man accused of producing homemade bombs, including one he claims was intended for Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, was arraigned in Bridgeport on Wednesday.

Police took Joseph Callahan, 69, into custody after discovering a stockpile of guns, ammunition and chemicals inside his home and garage. They add that he was hospitalized because he seemed disoriented when they arrived.

Callahan's attorney says his client was dealing with a host of personal problems involving medication the night he was taken away.

As for Callahan's apparent connection to Keith Richards, his lawyer says he put together a pyrotechnic device for the musician just in case the two ever met. Callahan reportedly has a friend who once met Keith Richards, learning only then that Richards had a liking for fireworks.

Callahan's attorney says his client is a chemist by trade, and has a federal permit to possess explosives. He confirmed that Callahan will plead not guilty when he returns to court Nov. 5.