STAMFORD - A judge has suspended the prison sentence of a Stamford man who admitted to killing his 86-year-old mother. Anthony Fiordelisi, 61, admitted to the murder back in January and has since served eight months behind bars. According to court documents, Fiordelisi says he spent years caring for his mother, who suffered from heart failure and dementia, and that he wanted nothing more than for her to die and be with her deceased husband. Police say he fed his mother a large amount of pills and slashed her wrists before trying to kill himself. Investigators say his mother was sick and weighed just 60 pounds. Court officials say Fiordelisi could return home as early as this week. Stamford man accused of killing mother takes plea dealStamford man pleads not guilty to killing his motherStamford man accused of killing his mother faces judgeStamford man to be charged with killing elderly mother