STAMFORD - A judge unsealed portions of the warrants Thursday for two cousins accused in the 2006 killing of Greenwich real estate developer Andrew Kissel in what prosecutors call a murder for hire plot.

Although the warrants do not reveal why Kissel was killed, they show the trail Greenwich police followed to arrest Carlos and Leonard Trujillo.

Detectives allege the two cousins obtained nearly $360,000 from Kissel before his death in April 2006, when he was stabbed in his home.

The defense attorneys for the Trujillo cousins fought to keep the warrants sealed, claiming the information contained in the documents cannot be admitted in trial.

?That kind of information should not be bantered about in the public,? says Lindy Urso, attorney for Carlos Trujillo. ?It makes it much more difficult to pick a fair and impartial jury come trial time.?

Carlos Trujillo is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Leonard Trujillo is also accused of conspiracy in addition to a capitol felony murder charge. Both pleaded not guilty Thursday. They are due back in court July 9.