STAMFORD - Jury selection got under way Tuesday for one of the men accused of killing Greenwich real estate investor Andrew Kissel.

Leonard Trujillo was in court with his attorney as selection began for 12 jurors and alternates that will hear the case. The court questioned 10 prospective jurors, but none were chosen.

Wayne Keeney, a defense attorney who is observing the case, says finding 12 jurors and up to six alternates who haven't been exposed to the Kissel case will be a challenge.

"If they have to pick 18 jurors and they start today, this is a process that could take weeks or months," he says.

Prosecutors say Trujillo stabbed Kissel to death in April 2006. Trujillo was allegedly hired by his cousin, Carlos Trujillo, who was Kissel's chauffer.

Leonard Trujillo is charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. His cousin is being tried separately.

The judge told prospective jurors to expect that the trial will start on July 13 and should take up to three weeks.

Jury selection will resume Thursday.