WILTON - Dozens of martial arts students in Wilton are kicking their way to a cure for diabetes.

About four dozen martial arts students from Karate Universe helped to raise money for the American Diabetes Association on Saturday at Merwin Meadows Park.

"It's our way of helping teach our students to give back to the community," says their instructor, Dean Theodorides. "They realize that not all the kids can run and kick and jump and play like they can."

While most of the students' karate training has been about perfecting their craft, they are also getting a lesson in giving back.

"We want them to understand that they are the next generation and they have the next opportunities to pass down what they learn, and hopefully they learn to be good people and that's what this is all about," Theodorides says.

This is the 23rd year that Karate Universe has been raising money for the American Diabetes Association. In that time, they have raised more than $96,000.