KEANSBURG - Hundreds of people packed the beach in Keansburg over the weekend for a festival, and while local officials were happy to host the event, some residents say they were less than pleased.

Local businesses owners and borough officials cheered the festival and its more than 2,000 attendees. But some homeowners were unhappy about the noise and traffic brought on by the Gratitude Migration Summer Dream festival.

The music and art event was the first of its kind hosted in the Borough of Keansburg. According to its website, it featured performance art, yoga, meditation, workshops and more. The event is usually held in New York City warehouses.

Locals say the beach looked possibly as packed as it had ever been. Some said the crowds made them feel unwelcome at their own beach.

The mayor and chief of police say most beachfront residents received letters beforehand warning them of the crowd.  

They say this is the first year of hopefully many for this event and they pledged to work harder to let more people know ahead of time.