STRATFORD - A Stratford native is preparing for seven different sawing events during this weekend's Goshen Fair.

Kelly Kerrigan, an environmental scientist Milone & MacBroom, Inc. in Cheshire, recently took first place in a sawing competition at the Southeaster World Championships in West Virginia.

"I get stir crazy sitting for long period of time," Kerrigan told News 12 Connecticut about her day job.

Kerrigan says she first started competing in timber sports on a whim three years ago.

"One of my ex-boyfriends…he needed a sawing partner last-minute at a competition, and I just filled in and decided to start training 'cause it was fun," she says.

Since then, she has been training with other timber sports competitors who she calls mentors and friends.

"It's very invigorating, empowering just to see when you're finished with a cut," says Kerrigan. "To look at the log afterward and be like, 'I did that, I accomplished that.'"