FAIRFIELD - Fairfield police say they are still committed to solving the murder of a local teenager who died seven years ago.

May 1 marks seven years since Kyle Schneider was gunned down inside his home. Police say the killer was someone close to Schneider. Police Chief Gary Macnamara still remembers that day seven years ago.

"We responded to calls from his father who had come home and found Kyle murdered inside his house… shot inside his house," he said.

They say the teenager was well-liked by his classmates at Warde High School, but Macnamara says he also sold marijuana, and that may have had something to do with his death.

"We believe there was an issue with regards to maybe money owed," he said.

Officials say that they have never stopped looking for Schneider's killer, and that they have started looking more closely at the case with help from federal agencies in recent months.