STAMFORD - Police believe alcohol fueled a bloody brawl at the Stamford Motor Lodge early Sunday morning.

The fight allegedly started after a man struck a female leaving a party in the face with a table leg. Police say the woman's brother was stabbed in the stomach and buttocks while attending to her.

No life-threatening injuries were sustained in the brawl, according to authorities. Police managed to nab the assailants who allegedly started the brouhaha, however.

Authorities were called to respond to the brawl around 4 a.m. The two alleged instigators of the fight, 39-year-old Garcia Clemente and 26-year-old Ener Sanchez, were arrested.

"It was pretty chaotic," says Sgt. Mike Scatamacchia, of the Stamford Police Department. "A lot of people were in a panicked state."