HARTFORD - State lawmakers in Hartford announced that the legislative session would go on without a vote on the budget.

Democratic House leaders said that pushing the budget through on Wednesday night would not have been fair to lawmakers or the people they represent. Some, however, question whether the House Democrats had enough votes to pass the measure.

Republican leaders questioned the feasibility of passing the budget with so little time left in the session on Wednesday afternoon.

Many lawmakers say that they hadn't even seen the bill and didn't know the details in it.

Local lawmakers say it was the right decision to call off the vote.

"Every day that goes by, our fiscal condition gets worse," says Rep. John Shaban. "So to jam a budget through last minute before everyone can read it would have been a bad decision."

Lawmakers will have to come back to the Capitol to finish the budget and close a $960 million deficit.

News 12 is told the budget proposal includes even more state layoffs, but does restore some cuts to education funding for many towns in southwestern Connecticut.

Gov. Malloy released a statement urging the Legislature to pass the budget as soon as possible so he can sign it. News 12 is told the special session could happen next week.