STRATFORD - Union leaders and Connecticut's two senators are calling on the Pentagon to reconsider moving a prestigious defense contract out of Sikorsky Aircraft. 

For decades, the Sikorsky facility in Stratford has been doing maintenance on the Marine One helicopters used by the president of the United States. The work may now be moved to a Navy facility in Florida after Sikorsky reported that talks to keep the work in Connecticut broke down.

Connecticut's congressional leaders sent a letter to the secretary of the Navy demanding the process be halted until a full review is done. Sikorsky Aircraft is among southwestern Connecticut's biggest employers, with nearly 8,000 people working for the company.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal says he believes the price difference is not that great, and says the Navy really needs to consider the experience level of workers at Sikorsky.

Sikorsky is still designing the new fleet of Marine One choppers. They're set to make their first test flights in 2017.