STAMFORD - A lead detective took the stand today in the trail of Carlos Trujillo, who is accused in the murder of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel.

The officer told the jury that Trujillo, Kissel's former chauffer, was named a prime suspect after inconsistencies in his alibis. On one occasion, the officer said Trujillo claimed he was driving with his brother's wife, but phone records showed otherwise.

Trujillo's cousin, Leornard Trujillo, was expected to testify this afternoon, but is now slated to take the stand tomorrow as the prosecution's key witness.

During Day 1 of the trial yesterday, the first men to respond to the scene described how they found Kissel's body bound, gagged and lying in a pool of blood.

Investigators described a pristine crime scene, but they say the actual killing was made painful. Officers say the blood pattern shows Kissel was repeatedly stabbed while on his knees.

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