BRIDGEPORT - Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) spoke with business and community leaders in Bridgeport Friday about how Connecticut will spend its nearly $3 billion-share of the federal stimulus package.

Lieberman says the bill will create jobs and improve the situation for residents in southwestern Connecticut. More importantly, he says residents should see help in a few weeks.

?We're starting to see government agencies, cities and towns, housing authorities coming up with plans on how to allocate this,? Lieberman says. ?This is going to happen within two months, which is terrific.?

Lieberman says the state has received nearly $20 million for upgrading the sewage systems and already has $137 million for transit improvements. Tax cuts for more than 1 million Connecticut families are also included in the stimulus money.

Local business owners like Vee Adusay are already taking advantage of the new resources. She owns Vase Construction, a service that helps subcontractors find work, and says she already has proposals for the projects Lieberman talked about on her Web site.

The senator says his governmental affairs oversight committee will meet monthly to make sure the money is spent correctly.