FAIRFIELD - A local fire lieutenant helped evacuate people from a building after a fire broke out at a Fairfield gym Saturday morning.

Off-duty Lieutenant Lee Carbo was headed home from work when he heard that a fire broke out at Southport Athletic Club on Old Post Road. 

Corbo says he hopped in his truck, drove to the club and saw that the roof of the building was on fire.

Corbo was the first firefighter on the scene. He said he immediately activated the fire alarm and searched the building to see if anyone was still inside.

"I just wanted to make sure everybody was out of harm’s way and make the incoming guys’ job a lot easier," he said. "And it's one less thing they have to worry about."

According to fire officials, Engine 4 arrived shortly after Corbo swept the building for precautionary reasons. They contained and doused the fire.

No injuries were reported, and significant damage to the gym was avoided.