WESTPORT - A former Westport lifeguard accused of secretly filming his co-workers appeared in court Thursday.

Michael Collins made his first court appearance on more than 400 counts of voyeurism, 400 counts of eavesdropping and one count of child pornography.

According to the arrest warrant, two female lifeguards at Burying Hill Beach in Westport noticed unusual clocks in the lifeguard shack, which police say turned out to be spy cameras.

Police say Collins was the captain of the shack and had put the cameras there.

The arrest warrant also states that Collins admitted to buying the camera clocks and told police that "as a lifeguard it is overwhelming to watch girls in a bikini” and filming them was for his own private use.

When police looked at the media cards from the cameras, they say there were several videos of employees changing as well as videos of Collins secretly taking photos with a long lens camera.

Officers say a search of Collins' computer found hundreds of thousands of pornographic images, some of which contained children. They also say his bedroom contained nine pairs of spyglasses and what they describe as "disturbing" collages.

Collins did not enter a plea in court. His case was moved to Stamford for a court hearing later this month.