WESTPORT - Lifeguards in Westport say they saved a swimmer who nearly drowned in the Long Island Sound Monday morning.

The incident occurred at Burying Hill Beach at around 10 a.m.

Witnesses say the lifeguards acted quickly to save the woman, who was at least 100 yards from the shore.

The lifeguards on duty grabbed a rescue board and say they fought through fast-moving water to get to her.

"There is a current that runs between Burying Hill and Sherwood and it's really strong, so swimming out there is definitely a struggle," says lifeguard Caroline Collins.

Lifeguards believe the woman may have been swimming at Sherwood Island and got caught in the dangerous current.

Rescuers say this should be a lesson for swimmers.

"I would recommend staying significantly within the buoy line because it's our job to save you and if there is an emergency, we need to be out there in time," says Collins.

The lifeguards say the woman is OK. They also say that this is the first time they had to rescue someone.