RIDGEFIELD - A Ridgefield mother whose toddler died in a hot car last month says she is dealing with her grief by helping other families.

Lindsey Rogers-Seitz's 15-month-old son, Benjamin, died in July. Police say his father left him in a hot car all day while he was at work.

Rogers-Seitz says she is not ready to talk about what happened the day her son died, but tells News 12 Connecticut the past month has been beyond difficult for her. To help with her grief, she created a website to share the gifts her son brought her and to help other families learn the risks of leaving children in hot cars.

"The main message is it can happen to anybody," says Rogers-Seitz, who added that people need to be aware of how quickly life can change.

Ridgefield police haven't filed any charges against Rogers-Seitz's husband, Kyle Seitz, but are still investigating the incident.