SOUTH NORWALK - Business owners say that while a new South Norwalk construction project is causing congestion on Washington Street, they are welcoming the foot traffic it will bring once it's completed.  

"It's just a matter of time. We just need to hang on, and it will all get better. Absolutely," says Carol Pellegrini, of Pellegrini Jewelers. 

For the past several months, developers have been working on what will be known as the SONO Pearl Apartments. 

City officials have praised the project but some business owners have called it a bit of a nuisance. Sometimes, Washington Street is closed in one direction because of construction and customers have complained of lack of parking, they say.

Overall, however, they are hopeful that the project will have a long-term positive effect on the city.

"There'll be more people moving in. And there'll be more foot traffic - which we need," says Pellegrini. 

SONO Pearl will include 66 apartments and 154 private and public parking spaces when it's all finished. The developer, FD Rich and Company, expects the complex will be ready this fall.