BRIDGEPORT - The family of a disabled boy says that a local contractor is donating his time and supplies to replace a wheelchair ramp that was stolen from behind their house.

Isaiah McLaughlin, 10, had a portable aluminum ramp in the back of his house. It was stolen last week, and local contractor Lu Colon is now building a permanent ramp to take its spot.

Since sharing McLaughlin's story, people have raised more than $5,500 on for his new ramp, which is more than three times their goal.

City officials say that Mayor Bill Finch's wife, Sonya, heard McLaughlin's story and put him in touch with Colon.

Colon says he plans to get the ramp approved by the city first and then it should only take about two days to construct.

McLaughlin's family says they will use the extra funds raised to accommodate their van for a wheelchair.