NORWALK - Starting Saturday, lobstermen will have to stop fishing in the Long Island Sound.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says the lobster population is at an all-time low and the ban will allow the supply to be rejuvenated.

State officials have been searching for a way to help restore the lobster population ever since a massive die-off in the 90s.

Roger Frate, the president of the Long Island Lobster Association, says pesticides are what's killing the lobsters. Frate claims the only ban that the industry needs is for New York state to ban the same pesticides that Connecticut recently did.

In contrast, the DEEP says that warmer water in the Long Island Sound is the primary cause of the dying lobsters.

By banning lobster fishing until Nov. 28, the DEEP says the adult lobsters will increase by 10 percent, allowing more to breed.