FAIRFIELD - A local man is trying to become the first "American Ninja Warrior."  

Joe Moravsky, who trains in Fairfield, is one of the top competitors on the NBC show.

The goal of "American Ninja Warrior" is to make it through a series of obstacle courses that get increasingly difficult. No one has ever completed all of the levels.

The show's winner receives a $1 million prize.

Moravsky made an impact in his first two seasons, making it further in the competition than anyone else in the country last year.

He hopes that his training at the GCA gym in Fairfield will help him make history this time around.

"My goal this year, and throughout every step of the way, is just completing each course," he says.

Moravsky will be featured on tonight's episode of "American Ninja Warrior," which airs on NBC at 8 p.m.