NORWALK - Local shellfishing businesses are beginning to feel the pinch from a voluntary recall on oysters and clams harvested in several southwestern Connecticut areas.

Shellfish harvester Norman Bloom says he has contacted customers and taken back the recalled shellfish. Bloom is unsure of how much money he's lost yet.

The Department of Agriculture says oysters and clams harvested in Westport, Darien and Norwalk between July 3 and Aug. 2 should not be eaten. Recreational shellfishing has since been banned in those areas.

Officials say the shellfish may have been infected by a naturally occurring bacteria caused by warmer than normal water.

The department has confirmed five illnesses connected to the bacteria, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and fever.

A representative from the Bureau of Aquaculture tells News 12 that they are awaiting test results to see if the recall needs to be expanded.