BRIDGEPORT - After 29 years with the Bridgeport Police Department, Capt. James Viadero is looking back at his career as he prepares to become the new police chief in Middlebury.

Viadero joined the force in 1985. He became a sergeant in 1992, lieutenant in 1998 and captain in 2009.

Viadero says he was proud to have found the killer of 23-year-old Kelly Lombard in 2004 and to have helped solve a triple murder on Charles Street the following year.

The unsolved case of 10-year-old Bianca Lebron stands out in Viadero’s mind, he says. Lebron went missing from her school in 2001. She would have been 23 years old today.

Viadero says he is excited for the change of pace ahead of him, but he will always miss the department.