GREENWICH - Police are warning drivers to be alert after several luxury SUVs and cars were stolen in Greenwich.

A 2012 Range Rover was stolen Saturday night from West Putnam Avenue. Police say the driver had locked his car doors and that he was only gone for a few hours in the busy area. Golf clubs were inside the stolen vehicle.

Business owners who have worked in the area for years say they are surprised by the rash of thefts.

At least two Range Rovers, one Bentley and one Mercedes-Benz were stolen from the downtown area in a matter of months. Police have recovered three of the four vehicles.

Since November, nine vehicles have been stolen across town. Police say this is comparable to 2014, but thieves are specifically targeting expensive Range Rovers in the downtown area.

"I think there's a false sense of security here," said one man. "If you're driving something that's six figures, you're probably going to have something that's worth something inside."

In about 90 percent of these cases, drivers make it too easy for thieves by leaving their car keys and valuables inside their vehicles, according to police.