TRUMBULL - Police in Washington, D.C. say they have made an arrest in connection to the stabbing of a Trumbull native.

D.C. police say Kevin Sutherland, 24, was stabbed by an attempted robber inside a crowded subway station in the middle of the day on the Fourth of July.

D.C. police arrested Jasper Spires Monday. Authorities say he had been released from jail one day before the fatal stabbing, after a previous assault charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Sutherland had interned for Rep. Jim Himes. His father, Douglas Sutherland, had also run for the Connecticut General Assembly just a few months ago.

"How that person gets put back on the street, I don't understand it...Something has to change in our justice system," Sutherland told News 12.

D.C.'s police chief said she wants a full investigation into the stabbing death.