STAMFORD - Stamford police say a man is being evaluated at a hospital Monday after he threatened to kill himself and told officers he had a handgun.

Police say the situation happened around noon on Westwood Road near the corner of Stillwater Avenue.

Authorities blocked off Westwood Road for nearly two hours as they worked to get the man out of the house.

They say the 63-year-old man brought up suicidal thoughts and told them he had a handgun. They say the man may have made the initial threats while on the phone with a social worker.

Officials say the special response team, hostage unit negotiation team, and numerous patrol officers responded. They add that the man was the only person inside the house and that police found a BB gun rifle.

Police say they were able to eventually get the man out of the house without using force.

Police say the man is not facing any charges at this time as they wait for the results of the medical evaluation.