WESTPORT - Westport police say a man is free on bond Tuesday after being charged with 400 counts of illegally videotaping people at a town beach.

Police say they recovered sunglasses with cameras in them, laptops, DVDs and other surveillance items from the bedroom of 29-year-old Michael Collins.

Collins worked as a lifeguard at Burying Hill Beach.

"He was terminated immediately and we've taken extreme measures to keep victims' identities safe," says Lt. David Farrell.

Police say they found two hidden cameras and alarm clocks inside a lifeguard shack at the beach.

After examining the devices, police say they found that Collins had an extensive amount of videos and photos, some of which included child pornography.

Officials say they have no indication that Collin's placed the cameras anywhere else other than the lifeguard shack.

Collins is expected to appear in court Jan. 7.