BRIDGEPORT - A jury has found the man accused of taking part in the worst shooting in Bridgeport's history not guilty on all murder and assault charges.

The defendant, Jamal Hamilton, was suspected of firing at least some of the shots that killed one person and injured eight others at the Trumbull Gardens public housing complex in June 2015.

Bridgeport Superior Court was packed with anxious onlookers waiting for the decision, which came after days of deliberations and the jury saying it was deadlocked multiple times. The judge had urged the members to continue deliberations instead of calling a hung jury.

Seven state troopers were present in court as the not guilty verdict came down.

The case quickly tumbled as victim after victim testified they could not identify who fired the shots. Hamilton's lawyer says the only two witnesses were not credible. One was a woman who changed her story and the other, Kevan Bennett, is also accused of murder in the shooting and is still awaiting trial.

Despite the verdict, Hamilton won't be free for a while. He's already serving a five-year sentence for an earlier probation violation.