MILFORD - (AP) - A Milford man convicted of dousing aco-worker with gasoline and setting him on fire has been sentencedto 25 years in prison.

Forty-one-year-old Jon St. Pierre was sentenced Tuesday. He wascharged with beating 28-year-old Thomas Robinson of Ansonia with apiece of wood before setting him ablaze.

Robinson spent five days in a coma and has scars from the burns,which covered more than 20 percent of his body. He has not workedsince the Dec. 2, 2006, attack because of his injuries.

According to testimony, St. Pierre had believed Robinson wasstealing from Top Gun Landscape Pavement where both men worked.

St. Pierre accepted a plea deal three days after his trialbegan, resulting in convictions for first-degree assault andthird-degree arson.