NORWALK - A man was hit by a car while crossing a Norwalk street this morning, but his troubles didn't end there since police also issued him a ticket for jaywalking.

Investigators say the incident happened just after 2:00 a.m. outside Club 77 on Washington Street. Police say when 23-year-old Joe Young left the nightclub, the crosswalk was less than 15 feet from the victim, but he chose not to use it, and paid for it.

A woman who introduced herself as the victim's relative says Young's ankles were run over multiple times.

Sgt. James Boff, of the Norwalk Police Department, says Young is expected to recover, but says he was very upset over the citation for not using the crosswalk that was issued to him in the hospital.

Police also ticketed the driver who hit Young for not having a valid registration.