BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police say suspicious circumstances surround the discovery of man's body in an apartment building over the weekend.

Investigators at the Bridgeport police department have identified the man as 33-year-old Benjamin Jones, of Bridgeport.

Jones was found Saturday in his apartment on North Avenue.

Police say Jones had a criminal record.

They say his roommate called 911 yesterday morning and said that he had been wrestling with Jones when something went wrong.

They also say a neighbor in an apartment below Jones reported hearing a loud thud on his ceiling, followed by the sound of footsteps.

Police say that when they arrived, Jones was dead. They say they questioned the roommate extensively and an autopsy is being performed.

Officials say an arrest in the case could be pending, depending upon the medical examiner's findings.

Jones' family has set up a fund to help pay for his funeral.