BRIDGEPORT - Clayton Luf was sentenced to five years in prison and five years probation Thursday for killing a Bridgeport toddler in a drunk driving accident last summer.

Luf's lawyer said he believes the judge gave fair consideration to both sides.

The five-year sentence fell exactly in the middle of the three- to seven-year term agreed to in the plea deal.

Luf pleaded guilty to running down Kayanah Brayboy last Fourth of July. The little girl, who was called ?K.K.,? wasn't even 2 years old.

The toddler?s family told the judge their lives have been devastated since the accident.

?Ask me do I forgive,? said Tanya Norris, K.K.?s grandmother. ?Maybe I forgive, but I?m never going to forget. [The] only reason I?m forgiving is I have to have closure in my heart. If I have hate for him, I don't have a life.?

Man pleads guilty to killing toddler in July 4th crash Manslaughter case against Bpt. man continued Man charged in crash that killed a Bridgeport toddler